At Roundup 2013, several men shared how Roundup has impacted them over the years with us. These are their powerful testimonies!

Below are unsolicited testimonies from our Facebook page.

The singing was tremendous, and the speaker, Gus Bess, was outstanding, his illustrations from his life kept us on the edge of our seats. Great truths, spoken with such conviction, enthusiasm and humor. I want to thank the Father for allowing me to be in such a place with my son and 13 other men from our church. Looking toward next year already, and praying that my oldest son and son-in-law will go with Patrick and myself. - Percy McKnight‎

Percy McKnight, 2017

I had never seen men that way before. God is good! I miss more Roundups than I wish I did. They have always been a time when God speaks into my life. He meets me there! With tears in my eyes, He meets me there. The power of Christ our savior, the one and only who can forgive my unforgivable sins meets me, speaks to me, heals me there. Praise God!

Prayer: Lord God, King of heaven and earth, Emmanuel, speak to me and the men who consider attending Roundup. Make a path that leads us to Tadmor. Bring the people you seek to this place. Use the men who are there to break through the hearts of men whose hearts are on the fence. Prepare your way, prepare our hearts. In Jesus' name!

Josh Friant, 2016

It changed my life, and I totally gave my life to God and got off opiates! Count on me coming back next year and many more.


Mark Rioux, 2015

You cannot find the kind of compassion anywhere else that you can at Men's Roundup. It will change your life!


Victor Brewer, 2015

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