Volunteer & Staff

Roundup Board

  • President: Don Megrath
  • Vice President: Mark Harless
  • Secretary: Jeffrey Heidrick
  • Past President: Matthew Peck
  • Member at Large: Jeffrey Breitler
  • Member at Large: Dan Abitz
  • Treasurer: David Boyle
  • CBNW Director: Mark Hoeffner
roundup non-voting board members, committee heads and support staff

  • Director of Church Next: Jer Schumacher
  • Intercession & Prayer: Dave Cetti
  • Camp Tadmor Staff: Dave Bertz
  • Marketing Coordinator: Bryan Atkinson
  • Early Set Up & Technical Lead: Scott Aldrich
  • Graphic Designer: Eric Fischnaller
  • Registrar: Shirley Radford
  • Registration Lead: Mike Fischnaller
  • Merchandise Coordinator: Joe Moore
  • Head Cook: Brandon Harvey
  • Worship Leader: Dave Mertz
  • Medical Lead: Matt Smith
  • Sports Coordinator: Robert Thornberg
  • Parking Lead: Doug Glasser
  • Range Master: Brit Jacobs
  • Sound and Lighting: Rose City Sound
  • Session Video: E3 Video Productions


This ministry does’t run itself, it takes faithful followers of Christ to do their part.

Is that you?

Roundup depends on an army of volunteers to ensure that the men attending have one of the most impactful weekends of their lives. Volunteering with Roundup can involve year-round hard work or a couple hours at Roundup weekend, a great experience with other men, and a chance to grow in your faith. Over one-hundred volunteers serve every Roundup, which means there's tons of opportunities to be used by God in a ministry that’s bigger than yourself.

  • Parking Crew
  • Registration
  • Sports Coordination
  • Setup Team
  • Lifeguards
  • Nurses & EMT's
  • Roundup Race Stages & Setup
  • 5K Race Set Up & Race Guides
  • Kitchen & Serving Crew
  • Board Members
  • Graphic Designers, Photographers, Videographers
  • Marketing
  • Writers
  • And More

Let us know if you want to get plugged in to use your gifts and talents to advance this ministry for the Glory of God to advance His Kingdom.

This ministry is bigger than any one person, so we're excited to partner with you! If you feel led to help out, simply email: Subject: I Want to Volunteer

More about volunteer opportunities

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