Action Workshops

Men's Roundup 2017 will be the fourth year in a row with Action Workshop breakout sessions!

Here is what we have planned so far! Check back later to see more workshops and the times and locations at Tadmor. If you would like to make a suggestion for a workshop or present one yourself, you can e-mail

• “Q & A” - John Lynch
• “Creatives, Culture, Core Belief” - Beautiful Eulogy Band
• “Telling a Better Manstory; The Good News About Sex Trafficking”-Tom Perez - Founder of Epik Project
• “Why Trust My Bible” - Gerry Breshears - Western Seminary
• “Daniel: Living Faithfully In Hostile Times” - Gerry Breshears - Western Seminary
• “Missional Disciplemaking” Derek Hiebert - Western Seminary
• “Story Formed Biblical Theology and Worldview” - Derek Hiebert - Western Seminary
• “Overcoming Anger in Your Life” - Calvin Tadema - Master Minds Ministry
• “Understanding and Reaching Out to Muslims” - Sega Cissoko - Ministry to Muslims
• “Being A Man After God’s Heart” - Steve Chadwick - Responder Life
• “Caring For Law Enforcement” - Steve Chadwick - Responder Life
• “Combat Trauma & First Responder Healing” - Chris Adsit - Branches of Valor
• “Frontline Reports” - Chris Adsit - Branches of Valor

Men's Roundup 2016 Action Workshops:

Are You Taking Your Wife for Granted? I Did! - Joel Triolo

Friday, 3:10pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion & Saturday, 2:00pm Evergreen Lodge
I loved my wife, never imagining that one night Debra would go to sleep and never wake again, dying 55 hours later and leaving me as the only parent to our kids. At that point, the Holy Spirit began the long process of reshaping my life.
1. How did I get off track? Listen to the chorus of “Big Yellow Taxi” (Original) Joni Mitchell
2. Husbands love your wives (Ephesians 5) How could I have lived out this truth better?
My purpose is to share the comfort by which God has comforted me (2 Corinthians 1) not instill fear or guilt.

Praying with a Missional Purpose - David Cetti

Friday, 2:00pm Evergreen Lodge
Let’s accept Jesus’ verdict on the impossibility of evangelism (Matthew 19:25-26). Where, then, do we start? Come be reminded of prayer’s surprising role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Leading a Person to Christ - David Cetti

Saturday, 2:00pm Fireside Above Lake – Saturday, 3:10pm Fireside Above Lake
Do you understand the good news well enough to lead a person to Christ? Are you ready to talk with those who respond to an invitation (altar call) in your church or at Roundup? If your neighbor or coworker were interested, could you explain the good news of Jesus Christ? Learn to be confident in sharing how to trust and follow Jesus.

Roundup Leadership Opportunities - Jeremy Schumacher

Saturday, 3:10pm Evergreen Lodge
The Bible teaches us that we have been blessed to be a blessing. We are going to look at a right response to God’s grace in your life. We will specifically explore opportunities for you to respond to God’s grace in your life by serving at Men’s Roundup. If you are curious or convicted about the opportunities to be part of the Men’s Roundup ministry, then this workshop is for you.

The Need for Open and Honest Male Friendship - Gerry Breshears

Saturday, 4:20pm Fireside Above Lake – Sunday, 8:00am Meadow Ridge Pavilion
Johnathan/David man-man friendships. The Bible describes deeply intimate friendships between men, but few men have them. Today the added fear of being thought gay hinders these kinds of friendships. We will examine the biblical evidence and work through some practical ways to go from buddies to true biblical friends.

Spiritual Warfare - Gerry Breshears

Saturday, 2:00pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion
Our warfare with darkness ranges from evangelism to spiritual growth to encounter with the demonic. Knowing the types of
limits of satanic stratagems against Christians and the church is essential in our increasingly pagan society. A strong biblical and theological foundation is essential to help people find freedom from spiritual bondage.

Evangelism Training - Jason Willoughby

Friday, 3:10pm Evergreen Lodge – Saturday, 3:10pm Evergreen Tent
This workshop is designed to put some tools in your toolbox so you can more confidently reach others of our tribe: quiet, private, independent, Pacific NW men! We’ll learn how to see them with gospel eyes, how to gently draw out their hidden life stories, how to ask non-threatening, bridge-building questions, and ways to heal walls of indifference and hostility they have towards God, the gospel, and Christians.

Marijuana and the Church - Todd Miles

Saturday, 3:10pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion
Now that recreational marijuana use is legal in Washington and Oregon, the Church needs to respond biblically to the question of “Should I inhale?” But how do you give a biblical answer to something that is not explicitly in the Bible? How is the Christian supposed to think about marijuana?

Mission Trip to your Neighborhood - Joel Varner

Friday, 4:20pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion – Saturday, 2:00pm Evergreen Tent
What would it look like to go on a year-long mission trip…across your street? What does it mean to be a missionary to your neighborhood? Instead of trying to bring people to church, how can we bring the church to people who won’t go to church? Join us for an informative discussion on how you can be trained to live as a missionary where you already live, work, and play.

Making Disciples, Not Converts - Josh Yates

Friday, 2:00pm Evergreen Tent – Saturday, Circle T
Want to be an effective disciple-maker? Jesus’ model of disciple-making shows 4 challenges for every Christian to follow.

PTSD & Moral Injury - Gary Cowden

Saturday, 4:20pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion
Chaplain Gary Cowden, Chief of Chaplain Service, Puget Sound VA Health Care System, will lead a discussion on PTSD and Moral Injury from the perspective of a pastoral counselor who works exclusively with veterans. He will share some of the
historical and technical background of PTSD from the Moral Component perspective. Accompanying him will be a Vietnam Veteran who discovered that his journey home was impacted by PTSD that was spiritually/morally based. The concluding segment will include a Panel of Chaplains who will respond to questions from attendees.

Moral injury: Hope and Healing for Survivors of Trauma (Warriors & Civilians) - Andy Meverden

Friday, 2:00pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion
Chaplain & Army Colonel Dean Bonura will introduce a biblical method to equip pastors, elders, and other pastoral caregivers with the knowledge and resources to not only understand the spiritual effects of trauma, but to make appropriate interventions that will lead veterans in their churches and communities to healing and growth. Opportunities for future training will be provided.

Chaplain Panel Discussion

Saturday, 3:10pm Circle T
Hear a series of riveting, current reports from chaplains operating in the Pacific Northwest. Chaplaincy ministries include: Military, First Responder (Police/Fire), Hospital, and At-Risk Women and Children. Opportunity to pray for each chaplain will be provided. Special guest interview: Former US Army Afghan interpreter sponsored for US vitizenship by retired Army Chaplain, Andy Meverden. Concludes with a capella solo by a guest chaplain.

Men's Roundup 2015 Action Workshops:

Gerry Breshears Professor of Systematic Theology and Chair, Center for Biblical and Theological Studies at Western Seminary
There are so many religions with wonderful people practicing them. How can Jesus followers insist that our way is not only valid for all peoples, but also the only way? Sunday 8:00am Meadow Ridge Pavilion

Gerry Breshears Professor of Systematic Theology and Chair, Center for Biblical and Theological Studies at Western Seminary Saturday 2:00pm Evergreen Lodge, Saturday, 3:10pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion

Enric Sifa (Guest Musician) is a musician, speaker, and survivor of the Rwandan genocide who seeks to holistically support orphans and impoverished youth throughout Africa. He will draw from his  personal experiences as a street orphan and sponsored child to share how people of God can best help  people grow spiritually and financially to achieve self-sufficiency personally and within community. Saturday 2:00pm Evergreen Tent, Saturday 4:20pm Fireside Above Lake

Jared C. Wilson (Keynote Speaker) Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Managing Editor of For The Church
Overwhelmed by sin, fear, doubt, or hardship? Looking for more than the typical sentimental and religious pick-me-ups? There is real hope from God on speaking life-changing truth to our own hearts. In this session exploring Psalm 42, we will see the importance of “preaching the gospel to ourselves” as found in one of Israel’s earliest worship songs. Friday 2:00pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion, Saturday 3:10pm Evergreen Lodge

Dan Palmberg & James Helms The Navigators
Jesus' commission to go and make disciples most naturally begins not in the church but in your neighborhood and workplace. Dan and James will share personal stories and practical practices for entering into the very lives and neighborhoods that Christ commissioned us to. Friday 2:00pm Evergreen Lodge, Friday 3:10pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion, Saturday, 3:10pm Evergreen Tent

Dave Cetti Director of Church Now Conservative Baptist Northwest
Do you understand the good news well enough to lead a person to Christ? Are you ready to talk with those who respond to an invitation (altar call) in your church — or at Roundup!? If your neighbor or  coworker were interested, could you explain the good news of Jesus Christ? Learn to be confident in  haring how to follow Jesus. Saturday 2:00pm Craft Shop Deck, Saturday 3:10pm Craft Shop Deck

Jim Ramos Author of The Great Hunt for God
Age does not make the man. Maleness is not manhood. A man is as a man does. But what does a man do? In our Jell-O Jesus church culture, during this “era of the soft male” as Stu Weber calls it, men need a target to shoot at. The Great Hunt for God has given men that target by defining manhood as, “Protecting integrity, fighting apathy, pursuing God passionately, leading courageously, and finishing strong.” This session unpacks what each of these five statements mean. Friday 3:10pm Fireside Above Lake, Saturday 2:00pm Fireside Above Lake

Jim Ramos Author of The Great Hunt for God
Great tragedies of our time are marriages that crash after twenty—five years, beloved pastors who veer off course and disqualification from ministry, and men who drift into secret lives of decimating sin. In Matthew 7:12—14 Jesus compared wide and narrow roads. The road to biblical manhood is the narrowest of roads, but how do we stay on course? When the men we claim to be matches the men we really are, then we are in alignment. Jim will explain steps a man needs to take to keep his life in alignment. Friday 2:00pm Fireside Above Lake, Saturday 4:20pm Craft Shop Deck

Dave Weikauf The Bridge Men’s Ministry
The majority of men tend to live in the “land of good intentions,” always meaning to do better, to be the spiritual leader in their homes, etc., but for various reasons they are not living what they say they  believe. The session offers a solution that can work in any group, anytime and anywhere. Men  Working Out Their Faith in Action One “Nudge” at a Time Friday 2:00pm Craft Shop Deck, Friday 3:10pm Craft Shop Deck

Marshall Snider Bridgetown Ministries
What should be our attitude when it comes to the poor and vulnerable among us? There are a lot of different ideas on this very complex topic. Come and hang out with Marshall Snider, the founder and director of Bridgetown Inc., who has spent the last decade working with and among the poor and vulnerable of Portland. Friday 3:10pm Evergreen Lodge, Friday 4:20pm Craft Shop Deck

Rob Goff Fathers in the Field
Christian men who are passionate about God can have a significant role in the lives of fatherless boys in their community. There are more than 12 million fatherless boys in America, the majority of them carrying deep, damaging wounds of abandonment. Fathers in the Field seeks to help churches advocate for these boys while at the same time reaching them with the Gospel by engaging men in ministry and allowing the church to minister to single mother households. This ministry helps men in churches see how their passion for the outdoors, working with their hands, and love for life can be used to help a fatherless boy without adding time to their already busy schedules. Come and learn how you can matter greatly in the life of a fatherless boy. Friday 4:20pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion, Saturday, 2:00pm Forum Pad Tent, Sunday 8:00am Forum Pad Tent

Gary Cowden Chief of Chaplain Service in the VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Al Younker
After the Civil War, it was called “soldier’s heart,” after the Great War, it was “shell shock.” World War II vets returned with “combat fatigue.” Mental health professionals use the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and prescribe numerous psychotropic medications and group therapies to help troubled veterans. Veterans today are returning from the cauldron of battle, and a new understanding of an old affliction has emerged: “moral injury,” a deep wound to the soul that affects many vets. Veterans should attend, as well as pastors, mental health providers, and other interested men as we explore the genesis of moral injury and how our faith in the risen Christ provides help and healing. Saturday 4:20pm Meadow Ridge Pavilion

Andrew Meverden Director of Chaplaincy of Conservative Baptist America
Friday 4:20pm Fireside Above Lake, Saturday 3:10pm Fireside Above Lake

Veterans, Guard, and Active Duty who are in attendance can text 303-263-6175 to set up a “Walk with a Chaplain” during the weekend. Connect with a listening chaplain in a confidential setting and manner.

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Gerrry Breshears leads an Action Workshop breakout session titled "How Do I Determine God's Will for My Life?" at the Men's Roundup conference at Camp Tadmor in Lebanon, OR.

Gerrry Breshears leads an Action Workshop breakout session titled "How Do I Determine God's Will for My Life?" at the Men's Roundup conference at Camp Tadmor in Lebanon, OR.


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